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WTO Secretary

(Further – the Secretary) is included into a duty of Secretary of the WTO professional and impartial granting of high-quality, independent support to the WTO state-participants in all actions spent by the organization.

The secretary is a multinational command of the highly skilled persons possessing a wide spectrum of skills, knowledge and the experience, necessary for Secretary discharge of duties, and working together as effective and diligent international public service working together as effective.

The secretary is located in Geneva and consists of staff in 629 persons. The secretary is headed by the General director.

Thus functions of the General director have exclusively international character. At execution of the duties the General director and the personnel do not request and do not receive instructions from any government or body, except the WTO that underlines that the Secretary is not authorized on decision-making.

Thus, the basic duty of Secretary of the WTO is granting of technical and professional support to various councils and committees, rendering of the technical help to developing countries, monitoring and the analysis of changes in world trade, work with the public and mass-media, and also the organization of conferences at level of ministers. The secretary also provides some forms of legal aid in the course of the resolution of disputes and advises the countries, wishing to become members of the WTO.

In the Secretary staff it is presented about 70 various nationalities. The professional personnel consists basically of economists, lawyers and other experts in the field of a world policy and trade. The considerable number of employees is occupied in maintenance service sphere, including computer science, the finance, human resources and transfer service. WTO working languages are English, French and Spanish languages.