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The WTO and other organization

The WTO cooperates with a number of the international governmental organizations within the limits of a principle of "coordination" which has been accepted in Marrakesh in April of 1994 by the decision of ministers «About achievement of more effective coordination in working out of global economic policy» (Decision on achieving greater coherence in global economic policy-making). In particular, it is supposed that the big stability of exchange rates will make positive impact on the trade expansion, steady growth and development, and also timely correction of an external disbalance. Nevertheless, the global economic policy cannot be coordinated exclusively trading measures. Thereupon the WTO co-operates with other international organizations, including, with the International currency fund and the World bank which regulate sphere of a monetary and financial policy accordingly.

     Also the WTO supports институциональную communication with a number of other international organizations. About 140 international organizations have the status of the observer in the WTO. The WTO in turn also is the observer in other international organizations. The status of the observer gives the chance to participate in discussions of the questions having a direct bearing on a field of activity of the organization directly.

     As a whole the WTO Secretary supports working communication with almost 200 international organizations which specialize on a wide spectrum of works, since statistics and researches and finishing the technical help and trainings. Degree of cooperation of the WTO with the international organizations varies, coordination and a coordination of their work develops to assist members in management of economic policy.

International intergovernmental organizations granted observer status to WTO bodies